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Why you should use a VRM

October 11, 20232 min read

Benefits of a VRM

It’s 2023 and it feels like everyone knows someone that has investment properties that they rent out. Whether they own a vacation rental or apartments in a metro center they rent out to long term tenants.

Owning rental properties have become very popular investment and long term financial security strategies. With the consistent rise in home values, who can argue against it?

Obviously, owning a vacation property vs a rental property is very different. With one sounding a lot more fun!

But owning a vacation rental property isn’t just as easy as throwing it up on VRBO or Airbnb and waiting for the rental income to come through. There are a lot of different strategies and processes that go into that most people aren’t familiar with or don’t like dealing with it. 

Thats where Your BNB Property comes in. We make owning a beach house or mountain cabin ACTUALLY fun. You get to both enjoy the home and make income from it. Imagine the idea of owning a Beach House making you money without you actually having to do much to manage it. 

But what does a VRM like Your BNB Property actually do to make your life so easy?

Well… there are several:

  1. Increased Booking Platform Exposure - How can anyone book your home if noone knows it exists? 

  2. Maintenance/Cleaning - Something we all know is a part of owning a vacation home but none of us want to handle. Thats why we make it one of our core tenants. 

  3. Improved Property Ratings - Nothing can sink a potential profitable Airbnb or VRBO more than guest ratings. Why would anyone want to stay at home with poor reviews?

  4. Customer/G Relations - We handle all communications with current, future and past guests to ensure an excellent experience by all who vacation to your properties. 

  5. Guaranteed Monthly Income - Sometimes with other VRM’s out there, you can’t always guarantee that you’ll receive payments on time from the income created from your properties. We are 100% transparent and promise on time payments, every month. 

To us, owning a second home or rental property should be fun. That’s why we take care of all of the boring items while you enjoy the perks!

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